Useful Dating Tips To Help Single Parents To Mingle Without Hurting The Child

Dating is very easy when you aren’t responsible or answerable towards someone. Life never goes as planned and people do change with time. This leads to strained marriages and divorces with children involved. If you are a single parent then you are responsible towards your child who has already suffered a lot of emotional and social trauma due to the separation of his parents. To top that, if you jump head on into the dating field, then that can confuse and hurt your child even more. You do have the right to feel happy but you must consider that dating as a single parent can get tricky if you don’t do it correctly by following some mature ways.

Discuss with your child before going out on date

You should treat the dating issue sensitively while talking it out with your child. Discussing dating may feel awkward at first but you have to understand that being a single parent, you and your child are each other’s only confidante. You can ask your kid’s opinion to know if he or she is comfortable with the idea.

9 Ways to Cope As a Single Parent

9 Ways to Cope As a Single Parent

Give child the freedom to express his views about it

You should not force your child to like the dating partner chosen by you. Your child may not be habitual of visualizing you with anyone except your ex spouse. So, you should give full freedom of expression to your kid that he can openly and respectfully say what he feels about your lover. Slowly your child will surely become more accepting.

Don’t bring your lover home if your child’s taking in

If your child has planned to cal up his friends for partying or night stay, then it is a very bad idea to barge in the home with your new lover. Your child may become the laughing stalk amidst his friends and this embarrassment may culminate into anger towards your lover. Always check with your child if he is fine with your day to day plans.

Marriage May Not Help Single Moms Out Of Poverty, Says New Report

Marriage May Not Help Single Moms Out Of Poverty, Says New Report

Let them meet up and develop a bond on their own

Don’t force your child to meet your new date. Leave it upon your child so that he can choose when he wants to meet up your new lover according to your child’s comfort. Let your lover and your child develop an emotional connect on their own to make things less pushy.

Try to spend some family time with your lover involved

If your child has become used to your lover’s presence, then you should start spending some time as family if you are serious about your partner. You can choose a place of common interest to spend time. The place can be a volleyball match or a concert which your child likes.

Nobody is stopping you from enjoying your life and you too deserve to breathe in the fresh air of love after going through a strained marriage. But instead of dragging your child around, you should involve him or her in your decision to date someone maturely. Your child will surely reciprocate this love to you in the form of acceptance for your lover.

Get Toned Abs Without You Knowing It

Summertime is a reason to be excited by many people because they get to do what they like. They can play their favorite sports. There are those who get excited because they can surf in the beaches. There are also those who want to flaunt their beautiful figures on their trunks and swimwear. There are also those who hate the summer because they can’t wear their favorite swimming attire. If you want to have that toned abs in time for the summer season, here are some tips that you can follow.

Punch and punch for a flat stomach

If you are not fond of aerobic gym equipments, then you can exercise on your own house through boxing. Aerobic kickboxing is a combination of exercise, cardiovascular routine, belly fat-burning exercises and self-defense. When you perform boxing, you get a firm butt, a flat tummy and exercise your thighs and arms as well. You can do it in your own home which saves you a lot of money and effort compared when you go to a fitness gym.

How to Get a Six-Pack

How to Get a Six-Pack

Sleep your belly fat away

There are many people who still continue to underestimate the power of sleep. When you sleep, the body is able to rest and have time to repair damaged tissues and muscles. There is minimum activity when you sleep so the body organs are also able to rest. On top of that, studies have shown that when you sleep for more than 7 hours lose twice as much fat and don’t get hungry at once.

Cut down your soda intake

If you want a fab-looking abs, then you have to throw those soda cans away. Instead of gulping soda drinks, you can still have a dose of sugar but healthy choices in pure fruit juices. Where do you think the soda that you drink go? Of course, they are stored in your tummy as excess fat. Instead of drinking soda, you can also drink water. Water replaces the fluids that you lose on different activities so that your body won’t get dehydrated.

Flat Belly Fas

Flat Belly Fas

Clean the house

Rather than becoming a couch-potato and doing nothing, you can clean the house and give your abs a workout. By vacuum-cleaning your abs are being exercised. Every time you push your vacuum cleaner, you can tighten your abs so you will give it a workout. By the time you have finished cleaning your house, it would feel as if you have been in a fitness gym for hours.


There are many people who just diet and exercise for the summer season. This is actually wrong. If you really want to have a toned abs, then it must become your lifestyle instead of becoming a one-time effort. Get plenty of rest, have a balanced diet and exercise your abdomen area. By the time summer arrives, you won’t have a hard time getting that fabulous-looking abs.

5 Ways You Save Money When During Retirement

Retirement is supposed to be a wonderful phase of one’s life, but most upcoming retirees are worried about the transition. They know that there won’t be any paycheck or raises or bonuses at this point. Financial experts add to the stress by giving recommendations that do not seem realistic. You don’t really need a lot of money during retirement. Your expenses reduce significantly when you retire. You can push it much lower with these 5 ways.

  1. Do not need to shop for new clothes

Since you’ll no longer report to the office, you don’t have to buy expensive suits or dresses or uniforms. Also, you don’t have to buy a new outfit for every occasion you attend. You can always dress simple and use whatever is found in your closet. Of course, you can still shop for clothing, but this time there are no rules to follow. You can always choose comfortable and affordable clothes.

How To Save Money When You Are Retired

How To Save Money When You Are Retired

  1. Move to a new place

If you live near your workplace, there’s a big chance that you’re paying a big amount to be able to live near a business hub. Once you retire, you may move to another place. You can sell your home and transfer to a cheaper neighborhood. It doesn’t mean that you should relocate to another state. A house that’s found 20 miles outside the business hub is a good choice. Expect the properties in this area to be cheaper, which means you will also pay lesser real estate taxes.

  1. Travel at the right time

If your money is more than enough, travel when you feel like it. Then again, considering that retirement gives you freedom to travel anytime you like, it is best that you travel during the middle of the week. Airfares are cheaper during this time. You can also go when it’s the shoulder season. Take advantage of your flexible schedule. If you want to save even more, you can also visit your children and save on food and accommodation.

6 moves that will affect your retirement

6 moves that will affect your retirement

  1. Use your senior citizens discount

Don’t be ashamed to use your discount. That’s your privilege so make use of it. You can head to the state park or even national parks. You can also use the discount at the movies. Learn more about the discounts offered by your local and state governments and make use of them.

  1. Get rid of services that you don’t need

When you were still living with your kids, you had to pay for a premium cable package. Now that they’re independent, you can cancel the subscription. If you don’t use your phone that much, go for a cheaper plan. Cancel memberships that you no longer use. The trick here is to check your credit card bill. Look for expenses that are not important to you and let go of them.

Although it is important to save for retirement and to invest your money properly, you don’t have to be too worried that your money won’t be enough. Making it through this phase without getting into a financial dilemma depends on how you use your money and your ability to spend less. So take note of these 5 ways and you’ll surely save money even if you are not getting any paycheck.

Customer Loyalty Programs – Is Essential For Your Business

Whatever business you have and no matter how big or small it is, a customer loyalty program is always essential. One loyal customer will purchase your products and patronize your service over and over again. With that thought alone, you may end up selling more to one loyal customer than to 5 first time customers depending on the cycle of sales and what type of business you have. These types of programs will allow you to build a relationship with your customer and in the long run you’ll find it easy to sell them your products in higher volume. The importance of retaining customers in improving your business mustn’t be taken for granted.

This article will provide few of the very common reasons why customer loyalty program is right for your business.

No Need to Worry About Competition

Promoting your business requires your attention as there are a lot of new players entering the market system more often. With their marketing strategies and capabilities to convince people, you’ll never know when your customers might be taken away from you. Although this sounds normal in the business industry, it is comforting to know that if you have more than enough loyal customers then you tend to be safer even if there’s competition around.

3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Customer Loyalty Programs

3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Customer Loyalty Programs

Spreading the Word

Without really working on ways to attract new customers, your loyal customers alone can save you a great deal of effort. Your current loyal customers know what their close friends, relatives and associates needs. They will attract the right customers for you, who is a possible addition in patronizing your goods as well.

Sometimes Shit Happens

Let’s face it, nothing is perfect and sometimes mistakes and errors can and will happen. In these situations, you sure don’t want to face or deal with an irate customer. If your customer has been patronizing your goods and services for years now, then one mistake or error is forgivable. Rather than focusing on attracting new customers (which is also not bad for your business), it is still better and will work to your advantage every time if you focus on the customers you already have.

Referral Reward & Loyalty Programs to Promote Business

Referral Reward & Loyalty Programs to Promote Business

Customer Satisfaction

Customers serve as the backbone of your business. Without customers any kind of business will fail. Promoting customer loyalty programs can help provide revenue and certainty for your business. It will also allow you to focus more on ways to improve your service as well as marketing strategies that will satisfy your customer’s needs and improve your profit at the same time.

In any organisation, the most important people are still the customers. Your business aims are possible through them. The moment you create a relationship with your customers, you are giving them the idea that they can trust you. The more you make your customers happy the happier your sales will be. As your sales increases, your business will grow and the faster it will spread. So keep those ideas coming, anything that will encourage your customers loyalty.